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Sunday Summer 11 V 11 Mens - WEST END
Spring Outdoor 2024
SUNDAY 11 V 11
All Day

This is a Sunday Men's 11 V 11 League.  

Includes League Cup and Toronto vs The West - Super Cup 

Referee and Linesman Included in League Fees

The Sunday Men's 11 V 11 League will be payed out of 4 facilities across the West End (Mississauga Stadium, Michael Power Field, Heart Lake Field, Milton Stadium).  The league is fully refereed (linesman included) and equipped with new generation turf and stadium lighting.

The kickoff times will range from 10am - 630pm (please see notes below). We will balance out the kick off times as fairly and evenly as possible but players must understand that this will mean they are expected to play 2-3 games in each time slot.

  • This league is recommended for Intermediate and Competitive Teams
  • The Season lasts May - October 2024
  • The league will make its best efforts to schedule your games at your home field location of choice (However, team registrations and field availability may prevent the league from accommodating)
  • There will be NO games on long weekends May 19, June 30, August 4, Septmeber1 and October 12th.
  • This league WILL be fully Refereed with Assistants (Linesmen).
  • Teams may receive bye weeks.  This will be based on league format and registrations.
  • The League has a League Cup competition.  All League Cup games will be played on Sundays. 
  • The West End League Cup Winners will compete against the League Cup Winners of the Toronto League (Super Cup).  This match will be played on a Saturday in Downtown Toronto at either Central Tech Stadium or St. Patricks field this year.
  • Teams will receive a minimum of 13 games and up to 17/18 games depending on the league format and how far teams progress in the League Cup, Playoffs and Super Cup Competition.
  • Prizes for:  League Table Champions, Playoff Champions, League Cup Champions and Super Cup Champions.
  • Skill level ratings are used as a tool to properly place teams for the season. Selecting a skill level does not guarantee placement in a specific division.

4 Turf Facilities - Mississauga Stadium, Michael Power Field, Heart Lake Field, Milton Stadium - NUMBERED JERSEYS AND SHINPADS REQUIRED
SUNDAY 11 v 11
5 May 2024 - 6 Oct 2024; 13-18 Games (including playoffs); May 2024 to October 2024
Rotating game times of 10am-630pm (Inclusive)
11V11 (10+ goalie), Outdoor Field Turf , Mens, 80 Minute games, Referees and Linesman
League will be split into divisions based upon skill level.
West End - Mississauga-Brampton-Etobicoke-Milton; League Cup and Super Cup Included - Toronto Champions Vs. West End Champions
$3,895 + TAX; League Cup and Super Cup Included - Toronto Champions Vs. West End Champions
$325 + TAX; Jersey Included

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